Voluntary Health Insurance Premiums

There are three convenient payment plans available when you purchase The Student Health Plan:

  • Annual Payment - You pay your annual voluntary insurance premium for your insurance coverage up-front in its entirety.
  • Semi-Annual Payment - You pay your annual voluntary insurance premium over the course of two payments, one today and your second payment six months from today. 
  • 10-Pay Plan - You spread your annual voluntary insurance premium over ten payments. You pre-pay for three months today, and the balance of your premium is paid evenly over the course of nine monthly payments. Your second payment will be due 30 (thirty) days from today. All monthly payments include a $5 convenience fee added into your monthly payment.

If you are not a member in College Parents of America, a $20 membership fee will be collected at the time of your enrollment.

Cancellation Policy: Student policies cannot be cancelled for any reason other than service in the Armed Forces. Insured Students entering the Armed Forces of any country will not be covered under this Plan as of the date of such entry. Those students withdrawing from school to enter military service will be entitled to a pro rata refund of premium upon written request.