Voluntary Insurance Benefits for Students

Here s a summary of the voluntary benefits offered through the Student Health Plan, written as a group policy with College Parents of America. For more information on the details of this policy, please review the plan brochure.

All state mandated benefits apply to this policy, based on the state in which the college or university of attendance is located. Click here to review the state-mandated benefits that apply to you.



The Student Health Plan is underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, by Fairmont Specialty, a part of Crum&Forster.

Non-Medical Student Health Insurance Benefits

Travel Assistance Services
The Travel Assist Plan is designed to provide students who travel 100 miles or more from their home (or in a foreign country that is not the country of permanent residence), with worldwide, 24-hour, emergency assistance services during the term of coverage under the student accident and sickness plan. The assistance services are provided by On Call International (OCI).

Emergency Medical Transportation Services are provided up to a combined maximum limit of $50,000 for covered services. Key services include: Emergency Evacuation, Medically Necessary Repatriation, Repatriation of Remains, and Family of Friend Transportation Arrangements. All transportation related services; coverage and payments must be arranged and pre-approved by OCI.

Additional benefits included with membership in College Parents of America:

Tuition Insurance

  • $5,000 annual benefit / $2,500 semester benefit
  • 100% of covered fees due to Medical "disability" withdrawal
  • 100% of covered fees due to the Death of a "tuition payer"
  • 100% of covered fees due to the Death of a student
  • 75% of covered fees due to Medical "disability" withdrawal due to emotional, nervous or mental disorders

The coverage provided as part of membership in College Parents of America is triggered when a covered member suffers a loss as a result of medical withdrawal. The loss is calculated as the non-refunded eligible tuition, academic fees and room and board that are not refunded to the enrolled member.

Identity Theft Protection & Resolution Services

College Parents of America Identity Theft Protection & Resolution Services provides Identity Fraud Support, Card and Document Registration and Lost/Stolen Credit Card Assistance. College Parents of America designed this service to address a large concern of parents – the safety and protection of their students' financial identity.