Student Health Insurance While Studying Abroad or Overseas


Studying abroad is one way to enhance your educational experience. However, you don’t want to go overseas unprepared! You will need overseas student medical insurance to protect yourself from any health issues. You and your parents will have a much greater peace of mind knowing that your health is insured and you are covered with study abroad medical insurance. If anything should happen to you, from a cold or flu to a broken bone or other medical emergency, you’ll be able to rely on your study abroad health insurance plan for protection.

Health insurance for overseas students is an affordable plan that should be obtained prior to leaving the States and can be discontinued upon your return. Should you have an emergency or need a doctor, study abroad medical insurance will save you thousands of dollars in medical fees. Going without overseas student health insurance is a mistake you don’t want to make.

When you are planning your education overseas, be sure to ask us about health insurance for students studying abroad. We can help you select the best program to fit your needs. Your best health is our main interest and protecting you is our goal, at home or abroad. Bon Voyage!

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